Causes of high body heat

Do you have continues heartburn and acidity? Or a sensation of heat in palms and feet? Then it’s time to lend an ear to the whispers of your body. This might be the symptoms of excessive body heat, also referred as heat stress. Let’s dive into some tips on how to reduce body heat, its causes and effects and continues heartburn.

The average body temperature of a normal adult is between 97.8°F and 99.0°F. it’s true that your autonomic nervous system and hypothalamus acts as a shield and maintain a balanced body temperature throughout. But at times your body becomes the heated pressure cooker, and releases excess amount of heat, calling it heat stress. Now that’s entirely a new form of stress, for you to be aware of! At times your body acts like a naughty child and does not cool by itself to maintain the body temperature. Its vitally important to have a knowledge on how to reduce body heat. Before going into cure, it’s necessary to look at its causes. This may have varied reasons, few of them are listed below for you to be aware of.

One among the natural cause of body heat. When your body doesn’t have sufficient water to cool down and to improve metabolism, it acts as dry desert, increasing your body heat.

Overexertion in hot weather
Weather is natural cause of body heat. When your body is overtly exposed to hot weather, it naturally cannot cool by itself and that’s obvious.

Sun or Bushfire exposure
When you are burning out down constantly under the hot sun, it increases your heat stress, thereby leading to several illnesses.

The medical condition of having a thyroid disorder. Your body produces excess of thyroid hormones reducing its capacity to cool down by itself. Thyroid increases fat deposition too, which boosts up your heat stress!

Health Vs Style
Tight fit leggings or clothes are always on trending fashion, but your craze for style at times effects your health. Regular use of tight fit clothes or synthetic clothing traps the moisture within, restraining your body to cool down, leading to heat stress. Its ok to be on style and wear what you love, but health is something that you should never compromise for.

Caffeine / Alcohol
Over intake of caffeine and alcohol can be deadly when mixed together. It increases your blood pressure and heart rate. When there is no enough circulation our body heats up and sweats off tirelessly. Thus to reduce your body heat it is indispensable to put a measure on your intakes.

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