Ethnic Cuisine

My Moroccan Food of Ethnic Cuisine
Nargisse Benkabbou, of My Moroccan Food, is putting her own stamp on classic Moroccan cuisine. With options like a heartwarming lentil stew or traditional chicken kebabs, Nargisse is proving that comfort food can come from anywhere. Get ready for delectable Moroccan recipes and photography that will have you wishing you could dive through your computer screen.

Nutrition by Nazima
Nazima Qureshi is a registered dietitian Muslimah nutrition expert. Nutrition by Nazima is where she shares her knowledge, experiences, and delightful recipes like Indian Spiced Egg & Hashbrown Waffles. Whether you need help with meal planning, coping with specific dietary restrictions, or simply trying something new, Nazima has you covered.

Immaculate Bites
Afro-Caribbean is the cuisine Imma is serving up on Immaculate Bites. You’ll find recipes for staples like collard greens and shrimp creole, as well as less familiar treats like Asun—a spicy goat dish native to Nigeria. Imma’s blog is a great place to find something new and bold to experience this year.

Ethnic Cuisine Chopsticks Chronicle 
Shihoko and Elizabeth, a mother-daughter team, left Japan many years ago and now reside in Australia. On Chopsticks Chronicle you’ll find their favorite Japanese eats featuring interesting and complex dishes like Miso Katsudon as well as simple recipes for making white rice (and more!) the Japanese way.

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