Vegan and Vegetarian

Grateful Grazer title Vegan and Vegetarian
There’s an art and a science to living healthy—that’s the motto Grateful Grazer lives by. With a blend of beautiful photography showcasing delicious plant-based meals to research-based articles discussing the impact nutrition has on our mental health or sports nutrition, this blog tackles it all.

With Food + Love
If you’re fond of a plant-based lifestyle, you will fall in love with Sherrie Castellano—the founder of the With Food and Love blog—and all of her clever and delicious recipes. Case in point? Not-to-be-missed treats like her Sweet Potato Crostini with Brie Honey and Jalapenos. All of the recipes on With Food + Love are also gluten-free.

The Plant-Powered Dietitian
This award-winning blog was created by Sharon Palmer, a leading plant-based dietitian. The Plant-Powered Dietitian features beautiful, lick-your-computer-screen-worthy images of vegan recipes like Vegan Eggplant Parmigiana, interviews of world-renowned plant-based researchers, and how-tos, all in one place. Check it out.

Whitney E. RD
Ever wonder how vegetarians and vegans get enough protein? How about plant-based kid-friendly snack ideas? Whitney E. RD is a dietitian and mom who gets it. She shares her knowledge and experiences to help make your life a little easier (and more nutritious). Try the 10-Minute Raspberry Chutney—you won’t be disappointed.

Cookie and Kate
The human and dog duo of Cookie and Kate tackle all things vegetarian. They’ve got your Basic Blueberry Smoothie, your delicious Coffee Chocolate Chip Blondie Cookies, and your Classic Minestrone Soup, and more—all in the name of celebrating whole, plant-based foods. Cookie and Kate also features an app and has a published cookbook.

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