It’s important to maintain a strong core

Woman on yoga mat doing a v-sit exercise

It’s important to maintain a strong core, as it strengthens your lower back, improves your posture, and helps stabilize your entire body. Nearly all body movements originate from the core, so strengthening these muscles will increase your range of motion, as well as protect you from injury while performing everyday tasks.

Of course, some people long for flat, washboard abs for aesthetic reasons, but find it difficult to reach their six-pack goals. Standard crunches alone aren’t enough to achieve total definition, so it’s crucial to mix up your routine to target different areas of the abdominal muscles.

Lower abs are particularly hard-to-target, so the best exercises to reach this muscle group are movements that originate from the legs, hip flexors, and lower abdomen itself. Get started with these 10 exercises that target the area while strengthening your entire core.

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