Interior Designers Share Their Best Ideas To Upgrade Every Room In The Home


There is nothing quite like the eye of an interior designer. Having a professional choose furniture or design a room will always elevate it. This isn’t just about knowing what pieces coordinate best, which finishes to choose or what the latest trends are, but how to put it all together.

I spoke with five interior designers to learn what their best ideas are right now. What are the most practical choices to make when renovating? What are their best tips to give your home a designer’s touch? These ideas may potentially make you rethink your choices and surprisingly save money.

Rearrange Your Living Room

While most people focus their living rooms around the television, but Lucy Loneragan of Mavens of Design suggests moving the television to another room. She believes it’s best to arrange the furniture around a fireplace, art or the view. “If space allows, I prefer to designate a separate area for the TV, be it a media room and or an actual theatre. If your living area must serve as your media room, try to hide your TV behind cabinetry or artwork so it’s not always on display.”

Then there is the most common dilemma­—should the sofa be up against the wall? Loneragan says no, especially if the room has an open concept. She also suggests choosing a curved sofa to create “fluidity around seating areas.” However, if you prefer straight lines, she recommends putting a narrow credenza against the back of the sofa.

But above all else, she says the most important thing is to have comfortable furniture. “You’re never going to lounge on your furniture if it’s not comfortable—so make sure you’re choosing soft, comfortable fabrics with plenty of down throw cushions.”

Build A Better Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is a challenge no matter what size it is. But, Ariel Fischer of Noa Blake Design has some great ideas. For larger bathrooms, “You can never go wrong with light, neutral marbles like Carrara, Calacatta and our latest favorite, Dolomite,” she said. These stones can provide a great alternative to white mosaic marble, which can end up being very costly.

As for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms, Fischer says wallpaper can really make the space without too much work. “Wallpaper is an awesome way to go bold without major commitment. While tile and cabinetry changes can be a massive undertaking, removing wallpaper is a cinch. There are endless options from poppy colors to playful patterns to rich textures and everything in between, so paper can be a really great way to make a bathroom feel styled effortlessly.”

Fischer also likes a black and white bathroom, especially for those on a budget. “Depending on the selections, a black and white bathroom could easily skew glam, industrial, modern or even farmhouse and it will always feel polished and chic,” she explained. “This concept can be a great budget-conscious option as well, as most tile in both the black and white families will be porcelain or ceramic, which is not only less expensive but also easier to maintain than natural stone.”



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