Volumes and spaces of a contemporary house

Originating from an new vision or a reinterpretation of traditional architecture, a contemporary house is characterized above all by beautiful volumes and the opening of large spaces in simple but ambitious geometries. Indoor spaces are connected to the outside through an original relationship with the land and the natural environment: gardens, terraces, swimming pools, patios, flat roofs, cantilevered elements, covered outdoor spaces.

Wooden house in cubes

The use of large openings, zenith lighting, large windows, sometimes with unusual shapes, giving onto large living rooms with great heights in connection traditional architecture with the outside, creates a particular luminosity and new perspectives on a transfigured environment.

The definition of different “blocks” according to their arrangement or their levels and their articulations through the contrast of volumes, purified lines and minimalist forms, modifies the perceptions of everyday life. Contemporary architectural design strongly influences life in a new form of living in linked to the home, and occasionally also integrated with professional activities



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