Inject Colour or go Au-naturel!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary! It is the room you have complete freedom in designing to your liking, so make sure you accomplish this goal.

The selection in colour and aesthetic is what will create the atmosphere and environment you wish to have. In interior design, the perfect bedroom is your place to unwind and create a relaxing area which promotes tranquillity, so plan for this purpose. Find colours and compose a scheme which fits the reasoning, this will be the first step for the perfect bedroom. Assemble your ideal colour palette with what suits you; this blog post gives you a touch of inspiration with the most desired colours this year.

If you struggle with space again, you may opt for lighter colours which encourage light reflection to allude to a bigger space. Our interior designers also promote making a dramatic statement with rich colours. Introduce an extra element to lift the room with a bolder wallpaper for a feature wall. A beautiful blue marble effect geometric mural wallpaper perhaps?

Remember to design your bedroom to your taste; this is the crucial factor in making it perfect!



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